Larry Hazard has been teaching and playing in the Hudson Valley area  since 1972. An accomplished musician and music teacher, Larry has shared  the joy of music and performance with more than 800 students. He has  performed at countless events in the Poughkeepsie area, including  weddings, parties and religious services. 

Larry's repertoire includes all forms of music from popular to  classical, including live performance on keyboards, piano and electric,  digital and theatre organ.


Professional Services

Music Lessons

  • Keyboard instruments including organ, piano and digital keyboard
  • Guitar including acoustic guitar and electric guitar
  • Music theory and technique
  • Reading music

Larry teaches from standard method books which provide a simple  step-by-step      approach to learning an instrument and provide the  student with a solid understanding of both technique and theory. 

Rates are very reasonable. Lessons can be provided in Larry's  studio at Vincitore's Hudson Valley Piano Store in Poughkeepsie, or in  the convenience of your home.

Free lesson referral program available.

Live Performances

If you need an entertainer to provide tasteful, refined music for  an event, Larry Hazard can provide the services you need. Live shows  are performed using a Yamaha Electone EL-90 Digital Orchestra with JBL  Sound System. A vocalist is available upon request. 

Types of engagements include: 

  • Cocktail and dinner parties
  • Fine dining
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Church, funeral and wedding services (using the church's organ or keyboard instrument) 

Also available for Sunday Services, all denominations.

Theatre Organ Engagements

Larry also performs Theatre Organ engagements.